Mexico | Thursday, January 17, 2019 | Home Stays, Art Project, Santa María Tonantzintla

Jade: We’re in Tecuanipan, last night we stayed in our host family houses. We really were able to see what the concept of “simple living” is. There’s a difference between simple living and poverty. So far, I have learned how resilient the people of Mexico are. This morning, our family took us to pick corn with them. Going to corn fields is their version of going to Safeway. The way of living here is very different. I am glad I have had the opportunity to experience this, thus far.

Maddie: Last night we stayed with our host families. My host family shares a living area with their cousins, aunts, uncles and elder family members. I have learned so much within the first day of staying with my family. I realized that there is a very drastic difference simple living and poverty. I have a newfound feelings of gratitude for everything that I have. The way we all live compared to the people here is so incredibly different. Although the natives don’t have nearly as much as I do they are all so happy.

Jackie: Yesterday, we met our host families. They are just the nicest people ever and just want to make sure we are comfortable and happy. We also played a huge game of basketball, which was so fun. Today was our first day of work. We started the day with our host families, who are so incredibly hospitable and generous. Then, we walked to the Center and started working. I mixed all the compost and then gathered sticks for more compost. Even after just a few hours, I felt exhausted and dirty.

Yesterday made my rethink how I treat those who work so hard for me behind the scene. Today has made me respect farmers and all the hard work they do. Agriculture is the back bone of our society, but yet, it isn’t appreciated as it should be. I realized that I take for granted where my food comes from and how it is harvested. I will definitely be more conscious of where my food comes from and how much I waste.