Mexico | Wednesday, January 16, 2019 | Work at the Center

Amelia Abernethy: Today we woke up after our first night with our host families. It was such a great experience spending a night with a family and helping them with their daily routines. The families then walked us back to the center so we could begin working. We started with sifting manure so we could use it to fertilize the plants. We worked on cleaning up the plants, and removing all the weeds and dead stuff. We also harvesting the seeds of ameranto. Then we had a great lunch of homemade quesadillas and sandwiches.

Maddie: Today is our first work day. I woke up and ate the leftover dinner with my host family. After that we went to the fields and picked corn. We went back to the house and walked over to the community links center to do some more work. I have acknowledged how lucky I am to live the life I do. I think that this service trip is such an amazing experience and I will never take for granted the things my family does for me.