Mexico | Tuesday, January 15, 2019 | Tecuanipan

On Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Tecuanipan where the Center for Enlaces Comunitarios Internacionales is located. This Center serves the local people by teaching them sustainable farming practices, programs for children, art projects, and food/supplies support. Many volunteers pass through the Center each year building on the work of each other. Over the years the Center grew and continues to grow thanks to the support of many high schools and universities.

Since 2003, the Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco has partnered with Enlaces Comunitarios to cultivate a week-long immersion experience that encourages direct service— fostering thoughtful encounters, critical consciousness, and openness to  contexts of difference. Student and faculty participants devote time for home stays, labor, and conversation with local communities. By confronting one’s sense of foreign-ness, the experience deepens empathy and care for the weakest in and among us.”