Mexico | Monday, January 14, 2019

Today, before we departed Mexico City, we visited our Sacred Heart school – Colegio Sagrado Corazón. There Claudia greeted us and gave us an amazing tour of the school. We interacted with primary and secondary students, visited classrooms, the newly renovated chapel, mediated in the Meditation Center, had lunch with the students there, and then bought some Sacred Heart jackets and sweatpants. It was an amazing and generous experience of the Sacred Heart. One student later reflected how only in a Sacred Heart school could she meet students from Mexico and South Korea. There were two exchange students from South Korea.

We then traveled two hours south to arrive at our place of service – Tecuanipan. There, Enlaces Comunitarios established the Center – an sustainable and ecological farm for teaching and growing crops. The Duchesne students are staying at the Center while the San Francisco students went to Cholula where Enlaces Comunitarios has their main house.

Entry Points & Interventions.

Our visit to the Colegio illuminated deep connections that bind our (now obviously) international community of learners, teachers, and ministers. Common words—Mater, congé, espacio, among others—offered familiar entry points for renewed encounters between Mexico and the United States, between los Americano/as and our Korean exchange students. Mindful of the privilege of our community in the Colegio, we reflected on the privilege of our own contexts. What does it mean, truly, for children of the Sacred Heart to take account of our agency, power, and responsibility for others? How does this invite us to divest selves of some power—to “step back”—so that others might step up?

We arrived at Tecuanipan heralded by majestic sunset views of Popocateptl. Blending into the gentle landscape, the Center orients us towards the mountains and fields, an enduring reminder of an ancient rhythm, varying textures and spaces, allowing our bodies to acclimate to the earth. Submitting to an organic engagement with time and space (both often beyond our control) we began to reconsider who/how we stand alongside another. The world intervenes into our mundane expectations. But in ways that open us also to magis, the possible.

—M. Campos