Pine Ridge | Thursday 6/16/16

Thursday – our final day on the Reservation – went well. Half our group went to work sites in 100 degree temperatures. They skirted trailers, build decks, made bunkbeds and delivered them. The tour group went into Pine Ridge to see the hospital (woefully inadequate as it is), the local public high school, Red Cloud Jesuit High School and Heritage Center, Bettie’s Kitchen for lunch, Singing Horse Trading Post, and Oglala College. It was full-day tour and a very good way to see life on the Reservation. In the evening, we spent time cleaning up around Re-Member and offering our final reflections of the week. Our smaller Sacred Heart group wrote six-word reflections (see below) and exchanged our small containers with our keep-sake item. We will mail them back to each other later.

  • Easy to experience, difficult to remember (Maya)
  • Children’s eyes glowing from humble gifts (Caroline)
  • Friendship can travel miles if heartfelt (Lucas)
  • Sharing with people and learning together (Jaycee)
  • Learning about and loving a culture together (Laura)
  • The unknown, hearts open, the Lakota (Skyler)
  • Their weeds cannot destroy the flowers (Juliana)
  • Friendship builds the bridge to hope (Juliana)
  • Sad faces become happy, beautiful emotions (Matthew)
  • Reach out and make a difference (Margaux)
  • A week that changed my life (Kalyna)
  • At Wounded Knee, a boy survived (Olenka)
  • Changed, inspired, safe, happy, eyes-opened, beautiful (Maisie)
  • Lakota were mistreated yet incredibly kind (Ella)
  • Many different stories give new perspectives (Katy)
  • Beauty in words, grace in action (Julian)
  • Beautiful people and land inspired advocacy (Grace)
  • I may never know, listening now (Dana, Chaperon)
  • Trailers, poverty, dogs, heart, soul, service (Jan, Chaperon)
  • A “reserved” people fighting, hoping still (Ray, Chaperon)

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  1. Always my favorite part of the blog- just 6 words, carefully crafted communicating so much. Thank you all for being so open to step into someone else’s narrative and recognize a bit of your own. May your memories inspire you to new and more expansive day breaks!


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