Pine Ridge | Tuesday 6/14/16

Today we continued with our work. It was a cool, cloudy day at first and then the sun shone and it heated up. The day was beautiful. Three work crews came together to finish skirting a home and build a deck. All the people worked well together and the students learned a great deal. It was great to step back and let them do the measuring and cutting. It built confidence and purpose. It also ended up looking good, too! It was great to have the children about – five of them. Lots of playing and laughter. It made the day a joy and the work seem easy. The dogs are ever present and friendly. Olenka is drawn to them as they are to her.

When we returned to Feather I, it was time to clean up our common areas. Matt and I had the bathroom. He was so willing to clean showers and toilets for the first time. Great job, Matt! Dinner was baked potato with toppings, salad, and some of the cookies we all brought.

The speaker in the evening was Larry Swallow, who presented the Native American creation myth through a slideshow. He offered a way of looking at life as a whole where nature leads people, not people nature. The animals talk and teach. Humans listen and learn. Afterwards, the entire group shared in Roses & Thorns and shared moments of their day. Our Sacred Heart group gathered to exchange T-Shirts and sign one for the wall of Re-Member. That was lots of fun and everyone enjoyed their shirt or, in one case, a lacrosse cap.