Pine Ridge | Saturday 6/11/16

We left Custer, SD around 9:00am and headed to Custer State Park with the hope of seeing a herd of buffalo but it was hot already and all the animals were off somewhere else. We did stop to take a picture in the park and there were some buffalo grazing in the far distance. We made our way back to Rapid City Airport where we collected the phones and got ready for Re-Member staff to pick us up. They arrive around 1:30pm and we were off to the Reservation arriving around 3:00pm.

We settled into our living space for the week, collected all the cookies (thank you!) and handed them over to the staff to put out for our dinners during the week. We did introductions with the staff. Eventually Ted came to give an orientation, we had dinner, and then went to a Powwow, which ended up being an amazing cultural experience.