Pine Ridge | Saturday 6/11/16 | Student Reflections

Maya & Jaycee: It was nice to have a day to get to know everyone and bond. Today we saw real buffaloes, prairie dogs, and elk at Custer State Park. Seeing the beautiful creatures and wildlife was especially moving since we live in the city.

Matt & Juliana – Being able to experience a trip such as this with new people is really moving. Everyone is extremely kind, and welcoming. The animals we saw, such as prairie dogs, buffalo, and deer was awesome. However, Crazy Horse was the best experience thus far.

Laura & Kalyna: It was nice to bond with everyone at Crazy Horse and at Custer state park. It’s been incredible how welcoming and warm everyone has been so far. It was really nice to finally meet some people from remember.

Skyler: This trip is an experience that I will never forget. Seeing all the different animals and people in South Dakota is amazing. The nature around us creates another dynamic element in our trip. The nature as we see in Custer State Park is very different compared to San Francisco and the other cities we are all from. It just creates a different surrounding for all of us to bond and recognize the other places people live. There is so much nature in South Dakota that you can see it everywhere and thinking of this it changes the way people live compared to us.

Julian: Today we went around Custer State Park. It was really neat to see all the open range of trees and wild animals like buffalo, prairie dogs, and burros to name a few. In San Francisco the land is not like this and it is cool for me to imagine what it must’ve been like hundreds of years ago when the Lakota roamed free. As I right this we are on an hour and a half drive to the area that we will be living in on Pine Ridge Indian Reserve. Looking forward to what we will do there!