New Orleans Thank You

Dear Ray, Janice, Scott and everyone who helped to make this trip come together for our children.
A huge heartfelt thank you to YOU!
It is a very generous donation of your time, spirit and energy taking our kids on these service trips and I am safe to say, we all appreciate it so very much.
Thanks for helping our kids expand their thinking, deepen their souls and develop character, compassion and integrity.
You are the BEST! ~ Holly


Ray, thank you so much and Janice too for making this experience so extraordinary for Michael and his compatriots.  We so appreciated following it all on your blog – your chronicle of their exposure to the horror and hope of the city and its gradual recovery and the opportunity they got to play even a small part in that effort.  After all, as Tennessee Williams used to say, “America has only three cities, New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

Mark & Michelle