New Orleans Day 7: Friday 2/19/16

The final day and after cleaning the Duchesne House, the students received their phones. They didn’t really miss them during the experience. When they let them go, they wrote a message to themselves to read when the phones were returned. Here are those messages . . .

  • IMG_5685Dear Anton, Last time (Mexico March 2015) you took this trip you kept your phone. For one moment you failed to be as close to something as you had the opportunity to be. This time (NOLA 2016) will be different. You have a girlfriend of one year, you’re missing V-Dag. You’re turning 18! and you won’t have anyone there . . .

  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • How will what you learn carry over to life back home? Are you more grateful? How will life without a cell phone be?

  • Hope you had a good trip and learned a lot and made some new relationships . . .

  • It’s all good.

  • Finally!

  • You did it!

  • Don’t need this.

  • You did it and you’re stronger for it!