Mexico Day 4 | Tuesday 3/31/15 | Tecuanipan Work and Fun

Hola it’s Teresa. We are currently on our way back from Tecuanipan where we worked both with the children and in the wheat field. I first worked with the children. We brought coloring books, paper, and crayons for them. While we were coloring we attempted talking to them by asking their names and how old they were. Once they told us their name and we tried repeating it they all would burst out laughing and we knew instantly we were butchering it. Although we can’t pronounce their names, that didn’t stop us from still communicating with them with the little Spanish we knew and we still had a fun time.  With something so simple like paper and crayons their day was brightened and so was mine. After working with the kids I helped sift dirt that would later be used to build a wall. This made me realize that I need to hit the weight room more often. We also found a really gross bug that looked like a new born slimy cock roach but was half the size of a finger. After about an hour of working in the field we played another game of soccer with the same kids we played with yesterday. This time it was the Americanos vs. Mexicanos and the score, 4-1, pretty much sums up how the game went. You can tell that the score didn’t even mean anything to them. They were so caught up with having a ball to play with and having another team to play against. Today really opened my eyes to see how much the little things in life can affect others so greatly and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip has to hold. P.S. HI DAD!! 

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  1. This blog has touched my heart in ways I cannot explain…THANK YOU to all of you! God Bless, Jennifer Fowler (Julia’s mother)

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