Mexico Day 4 | Tuesday 3/31/15 | Returned to the School for the Blind

Hello!My name is Faith. I am a senior at Duchesne Academy in Omaha, Nebraska.

Today, the school for the blind again welcomed us into their facility. Walking in, there is a stark difference to the streets outside. The walls are white and unmarked with spray paint and graffiti. A man stands waving and watering healthy green grass and bright green bushes. Tendrils of vines reach out towards the sun and water, giving manifestation to the journey and struggle that both the blind and the founders of this school face in Mexico. They are reaching, striving towards an ideal that they may never meet. And yet, the difficulty of this mission in no way lessens  their determination to meet their goal or their unwavering belief in the necessity of its completion. They greet us with smiles and acceptance- ignoring that we will never understand the obstacles that they overcome every single day just by continuing, ignoring our privilege, ignoring that we may be unintentionally offensive or disrespectful to their way of life. Their happiness at our presence and gratefulness for our help shine through land and language barriers. Their stories and perseverance lend the urge to aid. Interacting with these people, taking small part in their mission makes me want to carry the battle to Omaha.

I want to begin fundraisers in my own community, donate what I can, create a lasting mark in a different place through my own experiences. Their conviction is a conviction that spreads, and I hope that it spreads far.

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