Mexico Day 4 | Tuesday 3/31/15 | On ECI’s Land

Working with Enlaces Communitarios Internationales (ECI) at the Center for Sustainable  Development

Playing soccer with the local students at ECI’s Center for Sustainable Development


4 thoughts on “Mexico Day 4 | Tuesday 3/31/15 | On ECI’s Land

  1. The balls have brought so much happiness to the children. You should have seen their faces when the heard the balls need no air and never go flat. One adult remarked that they should make car tires like that 😄


  2. Very nice article, Teresa. I bet the expressions on the faces of the children you all have been working with were priceless. I am so thankful that you and the rest of the service group from Omaha / San Francisco are getting this opportunity. You are getting a chance to learn firsthand how people from this part of the world feel and to see the challenges they face on a daily basis. It is only then that real and lasting solutions can be developed for the international community. This blog is amazing – the videos, pictures, and stories are really keeping us connected to your experiences / adventures.

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  3. Thanks dad! We are about to leave to stay with our host families. Hope you are enjoying Omaha and I will see you Saturday. P.S. Runza would sure be nice, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Love you, bye. -Teresa


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