Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15 | School for the Blind

Monday morning in Cholula we went to the School for the Blind and met some amazing people and learned a lot about living with disabilities. We learned some braille and tried walking without sight – very challenging!

Hi this is Maris . . . I’m in the van currently driving to Tecuanipan. This morning we went to the School for the Blind. We listened to the history of the school And present social issues surrounding the acceptance of people with disabilities. It was really fascinating to learn how different people are treated here in Mexico, versus back home. I had a fun time learning how to write in brail, but couldn’t imagine having to rely on it daily. I’m really excited for the service ahead. Whooo hooo!

Did you know that . . .

  • University students in Mexico need to put in 480 service  hours before graduating from university and also put in 250 hours as an intern in an a agency;
  • The School for the Blind has a laundry business to generate more income;
  • A lot of college students come back and are really committed to their service work;
  • Tatiana is working as a chef and helps teach the children how to prepare simple meals for themselves and how to become independent;
  • The people who have disabilities are discriminated against and the college students like to help;
  • Anton speaks Russian;
  • Norma & Viriglio, as a couple, have been working at the school of the blind for 7 years.