Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15 | San Jerónimo Tecuanipan

Hi it’s Claire, I just got back from playing a soccer game with the local kids. It was one of the hardest games of my life. The kids were half our age and had double our skill combined. We mixed up the teams so it would be a little more equal but you could see the clear divisions. The kids had so little. You could tell how worn out their shoes and shirts were, but they were so happy to play a simple game of soccer with us. As we walked up to the field, which was more of a field of dirt, the kids saw the new ball that we were bringing for them and they got so excited. They were so happy for the littlest things that we would take for granted. They were so nice to us even with the large language barrier. I am so excited for the home visits. I will be able to spend more time with the families and get to know them, and their lifestyles better. I’m very excited for the rest of this trip and hope I am able to get my butt kicked in more soccer.