Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15| Vidoes

Cathedral church of Mexico City

Julia reflects on her experience at the School for the Blind

Weeding on the Community Links sustainable farm

Playing Soccer in Tecuanipan


4 responses to “Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15| Vidoes

  1. George Jarrett

    Ray O’Connor:

    My name is George Jarrett. My daughter Teresa is a member of the Omaha Duchesne Academy contingent of your service trip to Mexico. Just wanted to thank you for creating / updating this blog so that those of us back home can remotely participate in the adventure that your group is undertaking. Your efforts in providing this insight into your travels / experiences are much appreciated. Safe travels and thanks again.

    George Jarrett

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  2. Thank you, George. So glad you’re viewing the blog! All is going well and lots more to come.


  3. I agree with George. Thanks for putting the blog together each day. I know it has to be a lot of work! It is great to see all the smiles and work being done. I can’t wait to hear first hand from my daughter all her experiences when she gets home!

    Paul Kerschinske, father of Claire.


  4. Great to see the work as well as the play!

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