Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15| Vidoes

Cathedral church of Mexico City

Julia reflects on her experience at the School for the Blind

Weeding on the Community Links sustainable farm

Playing Soccer in Tecuanipan


4 thoughts on “Mexico Day 3 | Monday 3/30/15| Vidoes

  1. Ray O’Connor:

    My name is George Jarrett. My daughter Teresa is a member of the Omaha Duchesne Academy contingent of your service trip to Mexico. Just wanted to thank you for creating / updating this blog so that those of us back home can remotely participate in the adventure that your group is undertaking. Your efforts in providing this insight into your travels / experiences are much appreciated. Safe travels and thanks again.

    George Jarrett

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  2. I agree with George. Thanks for putting the blog together each day. I know it has to be a lot of work! It is great to see all the smiles and work being done. I can’t wait to hear first hand from my daughter all her experiences when she gets home!

    Paul Kerschinske, father of Claire.


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