New Orleans | Leaving NOLA, Returning Home | Wednesday 11/26/14

Our time in NOLA sped by and now we’re back in SFO with memories of a great experience.  A final reflection from Chris H.

On our final day in New Orleans, we worked at the site for three hours. We continued to work on taking down the walls and ceilings in the house. While we were working a man walked by and began telling us about the neighborhood before Katrina. Apparently, the houses we were working on used to be where gangs got in fights, and his own brother was killed on the corner where we were working. Like many other people we encountered, the man was very grateful to the service we were doing for the community. After we were done working on the house, we headed back to the house to clean up. Everyone was assigned a different area of the house to clean. Once we finished cleaning, we said good-bye to the sisters and headed to the airport. It was sad to leave because the trip was a ton of fun, but at the same time it was nice to be able to head back home. ~ Chris H.

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  1. IZZY : Helping to build houses into homes.
  2. LILY: A house is not a home.
  3. ANGIE: Alarms sound, levees break, disaster strikes.
  4. ABBY: wind blows, trees fall, lives ruined.
  5. CHRISTIAN: Small mistakes can create greater disasters.
  6. CAT H: Learning to grow with the community
  7. DANIEL: A new-found sense of gratitude
  8. CHRIS H: People appreciate all of our help
  9. MS. GUINA: Money misused, people misjudged, destruction unmistakable.
  10. MR. VASQUEZ: Tearing walls, building hope: Sacred Heart.
  11. DYLAN: Community built leads to changes made.
  12. JULIA: Breaking levees, building homes, New Orleans.
  13. KAT: Restoring peace in places of chaos.
  14. MR.. O’CONNOR: Tearing down, building up, cor unum.