This was our first day at the site and it was a lot of work! Everyone got right into it and worked hard all day long. Here’s what David, Cat, and Izzy had to say:

First we shoveled out debris from the former volunteers. Next we helped take down a house that was destroyed in the hurricane and had lots of flooding damage. The boys then proceeded to move heavy pieces of furniture into a truck so it could be taken to the dump. I learned how much of an impact a small group like ourselves could make. The people we worked with were amazing and worked with us the entire day.  ~ David Alvarez


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Today our whole group worked at Youth Rebuilds New Orleans on taking debris out from a couple different houses. These houses are being rebuilt for teachers around the community for affordable housing. Once we got there we split into 2 groups. One group worked on taking garbage out of an old corner store. Meanwhile, my group took out all the debris from an old shed and then moved to taking more garbage out of a garage. Lily and I grabbed a bunch of old paint cans from the corner store as well to put them all in the massive dumpster. As I threw the paint can over into the dumpster the can hit the dumpster and it spilled everywhere.  We were scared we would get in trouble but the people leading us were spurt nice about it. Then we moved to grabbing, pulling, shoveling, and cutting weeds and large plants out of a small garden outside of the corner store which took us a long time to finish. Overall, the experience today was amazing.  ~ Izzy 

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