Day Two | French Quarter Reflections| Saturday 11/22/14

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Being at the French Quarter tonight was exciting and beautiful.  It exceeded my previous expectations.  Tonight we had to buy gifts for other people who were under $7. It was so hard to find gifts below that amount but I eventually found some really cool beads for my person, Abby.  I loved going to Bourbon Street, there were so many sites and people to see.  We ended off the night at the Cafe du Monde, famous for its beignets, coffee, and other treats. Tonight was exciting and full of adventures, ones that I know I will never forget.  ~ Angelica 

Making our way to the French Quarter, we knew the night would be exciting. From the intoxicated mood and interesting individuals roaming Bourbon Street, to the beignet aroma lining Decatur Street, to the old stereotypically bungalow type southern hotels on Royal Street, New Orleans grasped me by its easy-going feeling. The mix of Palm trees and hammocks juxtaposed beside vibrant bars and music venues is a perfect mix of everything. I haven’t experienced any city like this. New Orleans has soul. ~ Declan