Day 1: Pine Ridge Reservation & Re-Memeber 6/12/14

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The first day of our experience went extremely well. Everyone arrived safely into South Dakota and we began our day by visiting Cabela’s flagship store near Rapid City to have lunch and pick up that item we may have forgotten. We traveled south to Keystone to visit Mount Rushmore. What a spectacular national monument. After taking lost of pictures, we walked the presidential trail and learned a great deal more about the project and the presidents. We headed back into Keystone for dinner and made our way back to Mt. Rushmore for the evening ceremony. We ended the day with a group reflection and expression of gratitudes. All the students welcomed each other and immediately felt involved and included. Great first day!

6 responses to “Day 1: Pine Ridge Reservation & Re-Memeber 6/12/14

  1. lorisaltveit

    Nice photos from Day 1! That’s great that you’ll be at Pine Ridge again.


  2. Daniel Fishman

    What an incredible experience, and it’s only your first day! Thank you for all of the work you-all have put into making these opportunities happen for the community!


  3. Lisa Praeger

    Great pictures Ray! Thanks for sharing-they look very happy-so glad that Julia can share in this experience!


  4. Sergio Vasquez

    Glad you all arrived safely and know you’ll have a great time! Thanks for keeping us posted!


  5. Helen Leong-Luke

    How wondrous and impressive! Thank you for setting up/sharing your blog!


  6. Lizzie Schneiberg

    Looking forward to hearing more! Be safe and have a great trip. -Lizzie S. (SHHS Admission Office)