Holy Thursday in Cholula, 4/17/14

 Reflection by Gabby Gupta (Convent of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco)

Overall, being a Brazilian I am a very cultural person and I love to learn new things. Today we were separated and I happened to be lucky and I was able to go to a beautiful church which was called, Santa María Tonantzintla. Inside you would enter and see beautiful hand painted walls and in the center there were many men dressed up and they had a crown of thornes on their heads, surrounding Jesus. I was very impressed to see that because as I imagined it was very painful, you would see them switching the crowns and poking themselves. Inside all the churches the tabernacles were covered because they are in mourning of the death of Christ. The sides of the churches were hand crafted with all natural paints. Although, they were still decorating the church, it was beautiful with the smell of Christmas trees and the decorations of fruits on the ceiling. After experiencing this church, we went into the town and we all tried a drink called, Cocoa Tlazocamati, which tasted like a chocolate mocha or as Jack R. said like horchata with chocolate. After that we went to the market in Cholula, where we experienced a nice look of dead chickens and the strong smell of fish. We were all able to walk through and take in how all of them live and how they carefully pick out the chicken or fish. Right after we went to an old indigenous church and a Spanish church; although simple, the indigenous church was very beautiful. The Spanish church was very decorated and we were able to see many details. Throughout the day I enjoyed getting to try new foods and bonding with more of the group.