Our First Work Day: Tuesday 4/15/14

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Working the first day in the fields was an experience of its own. When we first came down to Mexico we came down for service, and that’s exactly what we did by working in the fields. We had two jobs, to harvest wheat for bread and to dig three trenches. The wheat was for making bread, and the trenches were for catching the rainwater. The work was hard, but knowing that it was for a good cause was really awesome. ~Kienan O’Doherty

Going into the trip the thing that I was most worried about was my host family. I don’t speak any Spanish and I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them. Luckily, our family was very nice to me and Emilio, and they were very patient with our poor Spanish. The kids were funny and we played card games together. They fed us well and I had a very good experience with my host family.  ~Patrick Dilworth

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