New Orleans Day Five: Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday was another busy day! We visited our sister school, The Rosary or Academy of the Sacred Heart on St. Charles Street.  Dr. Adler gave us an amazing tour of their school, a former plantation.  The students were able to spend time with Rosary students and establish connections among them.  


Daniel’s Reflection: One experience I had that was the highlight of the NOLA Service Trip was meeting the students at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  When I met them, they were nice and very welcoming. Having a good conversation with the students helped me overcome my shyness, which is the best thing that happened to me because it gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people.

Afterwards, we headed off to the work site – a new place – where we spend the rest of the day doing exterior painting.  We finished our work about 7:30 p.m. and went for another famous New Orleans delight – snowballs.  They were delicious and loaded with sugar.

Drew’s Reflection: I loved painting the house. Painting the house was a team effort. If we did not work as a team, then we would not have painted as much of the house as we did. In the end, we did a pretty good job painting the house. I loved looking at the house after we finished, because it looked really good. 

We headed back to Duchesne house for a relaxing evening and our gift exchange. We also went out to get pizza for the group and on the way some students wanted Church’s Chicken and here’s what happened for one of them . . .

Nathan’s Reflection: Possibly the most inspiring moment of this service trip for me didn’t occur at a service site. In fact it occurred in a place one would never expect to have a “moment.” It was Church’s Chicken on Friday night. While Charlie and I were waiting to place our order, two families walked into the small, narrow waiting area. I assumed they saw dried paint on our hands because they asked if we were volunteers. We of course answered, “yes”, and told them that were working with the St. Bernard Project. Upon hearing this, one of the women became elated exclaiming, “Oh my God! They worked on my house!” She proceeded to strike up a vibrant conversation with us, talking about the project, how helpful it was, and how appreciative she was that we were sacrificing our Spring Break to help restore her city. I found this a bit more moving than Glenn’s thanks for the sheer fact that we had not even directly helped her. I loved working for Glenn, but the look of gratitude on the face of someone I’d never met was moving beyond comprehension.

Tomorrow we head back to the Bay Area but not before we have a BBQ with Mr. Matt Jones, a former science teacher at Stuart Hall High School, and his family.