What Most Impressed Me About New Orleans . . .

This being my first time in New Orleans, I had many impressive and interesting experience just in my first day here. It was the Feast of Saint Philippine Duchesne, and we attended a Mass at our sister school here in New Orleans; it was impressive how similar the Mass in New Orleans is to our services back home. There seemed to be a great sense of welcoming and community throughout the service, which made the experience that much better.

On our first day here we volunteered with Green Light New Orleans changing light bulbs in homes to energy efficient ones. This experience impressed me as it allowed me to see how others live in New Orleans.

We later returned to our sister school for a BBQ and play, which was nice. We then went to the French Quarter which was a good chance to experience a different and exciting part of New Orleans.

  • Alexander, SHHS 2013

When I first came to New Orleans I was first struck by the rich cultural tradition of the city. There was such a strong connection to the culturally diverse roots, and it was visible throughout the city. From the French Quarter to our sister school here in New Orleans to the neighborhoods we visited when volunteering with Green Light New Orleans, there was a remembrance of the history and it’s significance.

I was also amazed about the attitude of service in the city. Our sister school also regularly volunteers with Green Light New Orleans, and much of the city seems open and ready to welcome volunteers. Being able to see the images of New Orleans after the hurricane, and seeing the progress that has been made allowed me to see the progress that has been made, but also reminded me of the important work that still needs to be done.

  • Christina, CSH 2013